Celiac Disease sucks

When my doctor hit me with the diagnosis of having “Celiac Disease”; my first thought was: ‘ I survived migraines for years, this should be a piece of cake! ‘
Well, not really. Cakes are not allowed.

The first thing i did after arriving home was opening my laptop, going to Google and reading everything there is to know about Celiac.
What all websites had in common was hitting you with the good news: “Now you can eat healthy. Almost all healthy food is gluten free and allowed when you’re on a “celiac diet”..”

What they forgot to mention was the word ‘delicious’; ok so vegetables and fruits are great (that i can live with) but black beans? Gluten free products?
No am not difficult as you might think but for a vegetarian who does not eat chicken nor tolerate red meat, does not eat chocolate since it triggers my migraine headaches..having celiac disease sucks.

For the first two weeks i have lived on bananas and apples..then i went healthy (oh well)..

Now, on Christmas eve i thought to myself: what’s the worst that could happen? Diharrea again? I can survive with that. Let’s eat gluten..and i did. I ate pizza, cake, etc.
Ohh the human weakness..and so the symptoms went back. Yeah symptom (s), with an -s, it started from intestinal pain, diarrhea, itching, iron deficiency, mouth sores, numbness to chest pain..yeah all that from eating 1 slice of pizza and 1 piece of cake..

I can’t complain, am still luckier than many..but this goes out to all of you who underestimate the seriousness of this illness and its long term effects and as a salute to all of those who suffer from celiac.




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I am Charlie but not CharlieHebdo

#JeSuisCharlie took the social media by strom.
It was even present at the Golden Globes.

Well I am not with CharlieHebdo and certainly not with the violence and murder it witnessed.

I mean, as a Christian, the magazine made fun of my Jesus too and in a very awful and disrespectful way but that wouldn’t mean i would go and kill people who work there. Wouldn’t that mean that every idea or concept i represent do not match with my actions?

Killing and violence will now drive the people who work there more furious and they will double the irony.

#JeSuisCharlie because the reaction of those terrorists was idiotic but am certainly not into Charlie Hebdo which belittles evrything i believe in.

Am with the freedom of expression without hurting others, with getting to write my ideas for people to read without making them feel offended..

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Parenting with a twist.

I haven’t been a parent for so long but i have been a human being a little longer than that.
From all the parents i have met,  meet and know in my life..i have concluded a few things about parenting which you may agree or disagree with; but anyway here you go..

If you have kids or might have one day..please take five minutes (a little bit more) and hear me out.

Do not attempt to be their teacher. Yes, teach them everything there is to know about life but do not play by the rules.
Your kids are supposed to experience fear, courage, struggle, independence, truth, lies…etc.
Do not shove the truth in their faces as they’re supposed to know it already. Allow them to dream, if they draw a flying elephant for example, first mention how beautiful their drawing is no matter how hideous you may find it as an adult, explain that elephants can’t fly but if that’s how they like them to be, it is just fine.

Be patient. Patience is key. Yeah i know sometimes with lack of sleep, problems at work and everything else you’ll find it hard to keep cool but just try. Take a deep breath and remember that every little word or action affects your kids.

Your children will not learn by words; they learn by imitation. They see you do. They do.
You can’t tell them that eating lots of chocolate is bad for their teeth while you grab a bar every two hours.

They can’t tell the difference. You can’t say: “am allowed to lie a little because am an adult. But you’re not because you’re a kid.” Next thing you know your kid will be giving himself excuses to lie as well.

Don’t live your dream or fear through them.
Don’t. Ever.
They’re not supposed to become doctors just because you want them to or because you couldn’t be one yourself. We didn’t bring them to this world so we can “robotize” them (you know what i mean).
Your fears are yours alone. Allow them to experience theirs, not live yours.

Take the time to explain everything with careful words suitable to their age. When a 3 year old asks where do babies come from; the answer is not similar to a 5, 7 or 10 year old.

Let them respect you and not fear you.

Be firm but fair. Tender but rough. Loving and caring but certain borders are not to be crossed.

Do not, by any circumstance forget about yourself. Yes we all know you adore your children but if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll find yourself not loving who you are and if you can’t love yourself others will find it hard to love you.

Do not curse them. Blame them. Pick yourself up. You didn’t ask them if they wanted to be brought to life, so deal with your own shit and get over it.

Your children will not cancel your plans of “living” instead you’ll have a few more to share your plans with.

Your kid will not be your disappointing brother nor your selfish best friend or your lying cousin. Don’t raise them with such “failures” in head. Your kids are different, they will grow as a reflection of you and not anyone else.

Don’t say no without an explanation. That would be cruel and unfair.
“Because I said so” is such an idiotic expression  and a sign of ignorance.
You can replace it with: “No mom you can’t eat chocolate because i wouldn’t want you to hurt your teeth and see you suffer with the dentist.”
Or: “No mommy no more tv for today because the TV is not going anywhere. It’s yours to use. But let’s try reading a story together and imagine it with our own heads. I used to do that when i was a kid and it was loads of fun.”
Just be creative. You brought a human being to the world. You’ll find something right to say.

There are probably no specific rules to parenting but if you can’t be a good father or mother..just don’t bring kids to this world. It’s not an obligation. Really.


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In 2015: I want war.

Is it weird that i want a war?
Is it inhumane?

Before you judge my “insanity” and “affection” towards humanity…just hear me out.

With a new year coming, everyone around seems to be having that “new year resolution” full of new targets, new beginnings, new ideas…they seem to want to forget the past or at least the ugly parts and start a new future, a new path…

Not me!

I want war! But wait, not any kind of wars..i want a “Lord of the rings” kind of war. See, my wish for 2015 is for all those nuclear weapons, guns, missiles etc. to disappear leaving only swords, knives and perhaps a bow..

Wouldn’t you want to be a witness of such a war? It is only then that we would actually discover who is man enough and who isn’t.
Countries seem to be strong now, presidents powerful giving orders from a phone or a tweet (just being ironic), alliances are formed based on certain powers…just bring the knights back and then we’ll see.

Bring principles back, men of honor, men of words, of actions…not men of golf. (U know what i mean)…
The problem with leaders today is that they’re not leaders, they lead troops, sheep, fanatics and idiots.
Leaders of today are boys, empty, shallow and with ambition.
People with political and “materialistic” ambition can be bought; and trust me the price is cheap.

And nowadays, with having ISIS in the picture and a few countries supporting such barbaric movement..what the hell bring war back. No not your wars of hunger and ignorance, not your war of planes and tanks..bring a war of ideas, of art, of culture..bring a “bulletproof” war.
Yes. Bring that war back, I’ll gather the swords, the horses, the knives..just make sure you find men.

© Sandra Chami Kassis – sandrachamikassis.wordpress.com, 2014

Here’s a confession..


Thats how I felt today.

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of nowhere, a desert surrounds you, buildings, people, screams, thoughts, fears…all there at the same time, and all collapsing bit by bit.

And you keep standing still as if nothing affects you.

Its ugly. The world has become ugly and bitter that I’m not sure what we’re fighting for anymore.

You’d feel you want to be grateful for the blessings you have but can’t seem to be happy about it with all the cruelty in the world. When was it okay to brutally mistreat a child? Insult a mother? Belittle a father? Make fun of the less fortunate?

People seem to be craving fame and money that everyone is cheap all the sudden.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-social nor bitter but this is my world, my home, my people…

The most difficult feeling in the world is “just standing there”, you can’t do anything, you watch where the world is going, you stand on the cliff that’s falling but it’s heavy to carry.

It all starts with denial. You deny the only truth you know. You never want things to go the way they go, but still hell with the truth! People want lies!

It often ends with disappointment; whether you planned it or not. It ends anyway.

The prayers you postpone, the people you ignore, the facts you hide and the life you throw away were never yours anyway.

As a matter of fact, you might spend your days solving problems and thinking of new ones, of new riddles to solve, puzzles to end, rules to break and lives to fake.

It starts and ends while you stare and stand and wonder what happened in between?!

We are in between!


© Sandra Chami Kassis – sandrachamikassis.wordpress.com, 2014

Coffee and her

Well I was drinking my coffee when she arrived

You can tell that she’s already cried

Looking at her eyes, all I saw was a sad emptiness

My only thought was “Damn! this is madness!”

I didn’t understand the words she was saying

But I knew it had to do with me leaving.

I kept drinking my coffee quietly with no interest

She wasn’t my favourite type, nor the best..

She kept talking while i was running out of coffee

There was nothing to talk about, nothing to see

“I’m weak without you” She said “I’m living in despair

What you did killed me, it was so unfair

You were my last leaf of hope, of joy

You threw me away easily and played me like a toy

I’m at your door now, begging you to love me

Don’t you want me baby? Don’t you want to be free?”

I stood up and looked at her crying in pain

It was ironic to see her trying so hard in vain.

I looked at my cup then looked at her again

All I wanted was a dance under the rain.

Then I suddenly realized that my cup and I were the same

Empty, bitter, careless and a bit insane!

She stood there waiting for an answer, for a reaction

I knew I had to say something that leads to satisfaction

I committed a crime and became the crime

I killed her feelings, thoughts, sold her for a dime

Then, she threw herself on a chair

The misery was too much to bare.

She cried and cried and repeated: “Answer if you dare”

Oh I dared, but did not care

I looked at her and smiled ironically

Through her, I found out whom I had to be..

I smiled again, looked away, looked at her and suddenly

I thought to myself: “Damn! I need another cup of coffee!”

© Sandra Chami Kassis – sandrachamikassis.wordpress.com, 2014

MP Fattoush didn’t do anything wrong.

MP Nicolas Fattoush punched on Monday an office worker in the neck after she refused to prioritize his file at the Baabda judicial palace.

Here are the reasons why Fattoush is not guilty of anything:

1- He. Is. A. Minister.

Helloooo!! A minister? Do you even know what the word means? And he is not some regular minister, he is a Lebanese minister.

So the guy is practically a God! He can hit people, smash them, terrorize them; who the hell are you to stop him?

2- Because he is a minister chosen by the people (sadly), he can cross the line without actually caring about those who were waiting for hours. They can wait, they don’t have jobs or kids or anything but he can’t. He doesn’t have the time. He is a minister. Did I mention he was a minister?

3- The office worker is a girl. (Do you see where I’m heading?)

He is a man. She is a woman. He can hit her. Unless she had the black belt or The Rock as her bodyguard; she wouldn’t be able to hit back. Therefore, he’d feel stronger and manly enough to scare her. Do you see the genius there?

4- The guy was angry. Can’t a man express his anger by punching a few people here and there?

5- He is one of the ministers who demand an extension of the parliament, why elect a president while the Lebanese army faces terrorists everyday and innocent people are dying? Extension is a priority.

6- Because of this; you now know who he is. (Stop laughing, this is not ironic. Ok, you can laugh, but just a little).

7- He has superpowers. He got elected and will be re-elected, so he must have a “Superman” inside of him. You just can’t see it. *Where the hell is the kryptonite?*

8- He is not here to serve people, the people are here to serve him. Served!

9- He’s got money. Probably loads. Money means power, means people will respect him, will serve him coffee and serve him their necks on a plate, for free.

10- He is not guilty, I repeat, he is not guilty. We are. You are.

Now elect him again.


© Sandra Chami Kassis – sandrachamikassis.wordpress.com, 2014

فيصل القاسم..اياك والاعتذار!

لا تعتذر. فاعتذارك اهانة والجيش اللبناني اكبر من ان يقف دقيقة للاستماع الى كلمة “انا اسف” ممن لم يخسر ابنا، لم يبك على اخ قدم نفسه لنحيى، لم يجلس بحرقة منتظرا من رحل دون وداع ومن قال: “ماما انا راجع.” لا تعتذر، فرأيك لك وجيشنا لنا. لا يهم ما ترى حضرتك من إنجازات،  فنحن نحني رؤوسنا لمن ترك بيته، اهله واطفاله دون ان يعلم ما اذا كان سيعود ام لا.. اليسا ونانسي وغيرهن؟ لا يهم! نعم فجيشنا يغني انتصارات ويرقص مع ارواح الشهداء، يقدم ذاته على مذبح الوطن قربان، يضرب بيد من حديد كل من هدد ارضه، جيشنا لنا ولكم ما لكم. فما هو لكم ليس منكم وليس معكم. لا تعتذر. اترك الاعتذار لاصحاب الشهامة وللرجال، اترك هذا الاعتذار لنا، لابناء الجيش… عذرا والسماح يا ابطال لبنان، انتم من حاربتم اشباه الرجال، انتم من فديتم ارواحكم بلا خوف..انتم من قدمتم الأمل يا حماة المستقبل وامجاد الماضي ورجال الحاضر.

 © Sandra Chami Kassis – sandrachamikassis.wordpress.com, 2014

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