School or Alcatraz! 

I haven’t been a teacher for long but ive read for longer than ive known; and ive been a mother a bit longer; plus, I have been in love with kids since ever and my passion for teaching and giving for children is higher than any career i have known.

But just like any profession, i believe that our teaching system needs to be improved; especially in our country where it needs to be “revolutionized”. Please, allow me to elaborate.

First, what ever happened to respect? I mean call me old fashioned but the words “please” , “thank you” , “May I” , “Good morning” etc. Which should be tought at home seem to be missed from our kids’ vocabulary. So a session or two of “savoir vivre” per week are a must!

Second, we oblige our students especially those of young age to sit for 7 hours or so straight in silence hushing them not allowing them to say a word or move and then we accuse them of suffering from ADHD. Or better yet, we give them full freedom to move around and say whatever the hell they want and once the hit a certain grade they’re not allowed to move anymore. What happened to going “in between”?

Third, adopting new methods! We can’t keep recycling our old teaching method and call it history. Have you heard of Finland? Have you seen Finland’s students? New methods should include games, art, dancing, whatever students are good at! It’s no big deal if a student doesn’t like maths or doesn’t understand shakespeare..

Fourth, we stress on grades and give high importance to comparison (especially parents) that students end up thinking only of their grades and end the day learning nothing.

Shouldn’t school be all about experiencing new stuff and the joy of new information?

We suck this joy out of our students that they literally drag theirselves to prison ( oh sorry i meant school) praying it will end their suffering with every breath they take.

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2017


How weak is that?!

There are two kinds of people: the kind and the cruel.

As far as I know, nice people are not always as nice as they seem; their kindness can be a result of weakness. Same as for the unkind ones, their cruelty may be a sign of weakness too.. that is why whenever we judge someone we should always make sure they’re strong enough.

Oddly enough, nowadays people seem to confuse weakness with kindness and vice versa.. See, weakness is not something one should be ashamed of but at the same time there are scales of weaknesses; allow me to elaborate:

1- The weak-shallow kind:

are those people who take words literally the way they are. They just turn the right cheek and beg you to slap them thinking that would be their stairway to heaven. That is not “kindness”, this is the “walking on the safe side of the road” kind..they follow the rules (every single one of them) which is annoying sometimes because they don’t do it by conviction – they do it out of fear.

2 – The weak – smart ass kind:

He helps everybody because he loves the attention, because he likes being the “savior” and by savior I mean finding where the sugar is.. because that’s all they can do. They’re so busy making themselves busy with stupid stuff that they forget what actually matters.

3 – The weak – strong kind:

Weak – strong? Yeah I know. Here’s how it goes: they think they’re strong, they play strong, they showcase their strength but once alone, they’re insecure.

4 – The weak – cruel kind:

They act cruel because being cruel is the only choice they have. They know nothing else. They don’t know how to be anything else. How weak is that?!

5 – The normal weak:

That’s everybody else. We all have a certain weakness or a bit more; or probably all the above. Which is kind of beautiful; because there’s no such thing as perfect and it’s boring anyway! Truth is, weakness motivates us to be better, to do better, to dig for strength and to fight the death in us; let’s stay alive!

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2017

Happiness: there’s no such thing.

This is based on a real conversation.

– Sandra, I can’ find happiness.

There is no such thing.

– Excuse me?

There is no such thing as “being happy”, as finding “happiness”.. your search will never end. What is “happy”? Is it wealth? Fame? A PHD?..

– Wait. Your definition of happiness could be different than mine.

Exactly. That is why, next time you should try searching for peace of mind, peace of heart, serenity, life..etc. People waste their whole lives searching for happiness to die in disappointment. So my friend, let’s try searching for life among death, and for truth among lies. Happiness is boring; it’s the end of all roads.

Let’s just suppose, you meet that day, that glorious day where you find your “happiness”; then what? What’s next? What’s beyond that? What comes after that? What will you search for next? The happiness of others? That’s not how things work; in the books we read and the fairytales we live probably, but not here my friend..not on earth. 

– Why do I have a feeling that this is going to be your next post on your blog?

(I draw an evil smile on my face…and..oh well..)

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2017

It’s a jolly molly…Yeah okay!

It’s Christmas time. 

Wait. Allow me to repeat myself; it is “Christmas Time”. 

Oh you don’t get it? Please, allow me to elaborate: it is not your time, not your girlfriend’s, nor your wife’s or kids’… it is CHRIST TIME. 

Here is how Christmas happens nowadays:

First: decorations

Of course I understand that it’s part of our culture and tradition and nature should celebrate. That is clear. But why overdo it? When was simplicity not pretty or good enough? I mean, he, Jesus, was born in “poverty” and simplicity and so on..(well you know the story). Big trees, bigger Santas; seriously? The older i get, the bigger Santa’s belly seems to become..

Second: Gifts / Shopping.

The minute it begins; people start freaking out about what to get for their loved ones and kids. Make sure it’s expensive!! Jesus likes it when it blings. Just saying.
Third: Kids.

Over the years, it has become a tradition to write letters asking “Santa Claus ” for what we want. That’s what my parents taught me ( since they didn’t know any better) and that’s what parents of our generation (What a shock!!) are still teaching their kids. 

No! You’re doing it wrong. If they have to write a letter; let it be to Jesus. Let them ask Jesus what they want and you can tell them that Jesus sends the gifts with Santa; that is, if you wouldn’t want to ruin the whole thing for them. ( Prioritize!)

Fourth: The real reason why.

People are forgetting why we celebrate his birth in the first place. Why it’s joy all over the world; why it brings a smile to your tears; peace to your heart and why for a second; it just lifts your soul up.

Migraine: my best friend.

Ever heard how they keep saying always keep your friends close but your enemies closer?

Yeah well, migraine: my friend and enemy; has been there for me ever since I was around 16 years old, now that I’m 30, it hasn’t left my side, not once, not one day, not one moment: the loyalty it has…AWESOME!

I wish it would betray me once.

Yesterday for example, I had to be dragged to the emergency room because I couldn’t lift my head, couldn’t stand the glimpse of light or a sound; my head and eye felt as if they were about to explode.

Still, with the ER care, my daily medications; my pain was decreased by 50% only.

Why am I blogging about it? Because for all of you who never experienced a painful thing such as a migraine; it’s as if you were banged in the head with a nail, and the nail was stuck between your skull and eye and someone was trying to pull the nail and your eye out at the same time with no success. And if they happen to succeed, you get no painkillers because guess what? NOTHING WORKS!

You just wish you could bang your head to a wall so hard that giving birth would seem a piece of cake (trust me I have 3 kids, I know what giving birth feels like).

Each person suffering from migraine would notice that the pain can be triggered by anything depending on the patient, mine is triggered by stress, fatigue, cheese, menstrual period, chocolate, weird/bad smells, etc.

Don’t you just love how our brain works?

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2017


هي واقع مزيف انشد طويلا انشودة السلام
هي ابيات ضاعت بين الشعر والنثر وانواع الكلام
هي جنون عاقل رفض الرضوخ او الاستسلام
هي رفات من نور تبعثرها نيران الحقد والاتهام

قالوا فلنؤد لها ‘هي’ الف سلام وألف تحية
انشروا على قبرها الورود فهي رمز من رموز الحرية
قالوا: اطلقوا النيران ابتهاجا بروحها الأبية
وارقصوا على انغام روحها السماوية

هي لم ترد الحياة ولكنها اعطيت لها
هي لم تكن تريد الذكاء ولكن قدم لها
هي لم تملك الحكمة ولكن وهبت لها
هي ليست لنفسها ولكن نفسها لها

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2017

“Hell is other people”

If there’s one thing I learned in life is to not judge people; no matter what.

Growing up as a kid; I used to do it because I was very religious and to me God and Jesus equaled “Love”; to love is to forgive, to love is to forget, to love is to let go, etc.

You might not agree with me on the “religion” part, but it sure paved the way.

A few years forward, I learned that every single person on earth is fighting a battle; every convict, selfish, thief, rapist once fought a battle. Well of course there are a bunch of assholes out there, forgiving doesn’t mean you should be passive and dumb. You are to roar and get angry but once you’re back into your own cage, you shut the door and let go!

See, dealing with people is hard! Jean-Paul Sartre wasn’t an idiot when he said: “Hell is other people.” It is.

Here’s the twist; for some reason, almost every person i know or meet finds me likeable but firm..allow me to elaborate: i hate “grey”! Ever heard of black or white? Yup, that’s me.

Am honest. Brutally honesty. No, I wouldn’t hurt you – the truth would. Not me though.

You’d ask me if that shirt looks good; I’ll tell you. I don’t care if it’s ugly and i don’t have to choose my words or decorate them to make them look good (even though i could); but truth is ugly. And trust me it was never colored. (No. A white lie doesn’t exist. Get over it.)

But wouldn’t the world be a bit better if we all were as brutally honest as some of us are? No one is a saint but hey! We try!

“Peopling” is hard, it sucks (thank God for coffee); it was never my thing – never will be.

They’re just so scared of going to hell that they act as sheep by day and wolves by night; for God’s sake, you can’t be scared of going to hell..i mean look around you; rape, murder, envy, war, etc…my friend, you’re already there!

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2016

God and I.

God and I are drifting apart.

I have no idea why but we don’t talk much anymore; don’t get me wrong, I still love and respect him but we’re not so close like we used to be.

I just don’t have the power nor the time to stop and listen; or to just sit there and appreciate all the beauty around me. It’s like am in a constant race against time and guess who’s always ahead!!

Sometimes I talk to him; i get angry a little then laugh at myself a little more but I have no idea if he still take me seriously or think of me as a lost cause.

Other times I just wonder if he’s actually there or if humanity just needed to create the idea of a God so we’d understand things and earth better..though i have witnessed miracles in my life and I do know that there is a good power out there helping me in ways i dont understand. But asking and doubting are what makes us human and hey..I tend to be very “human”. I am not afraid to understand or to learn new things, I jump in the mud because i know i can shower later on; I throw myself in that tornado – not because am untouchable- but because I know how to hang on to that tree waiting for the storm to pass..

Am I making sense to you?

See, I am a reader, a book lover..and when you read a lot; you ask a lot, some people stop at the question mark and others keep looking. Well, am still looking. For what? Glad you asked, because i have no clue what we’re searching for, but patience my friend; we’ll get there.

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2015

Written by “Her”…

They say she took the shadows on her wall as friends.

They say she spends sleepless nights waiting for the pain to end.

She lies on a cloud and talks alone.

She hears angels singing and brings them home.

They say she dances on trees and lives upon rainbows.

Her tears often fall down her cheek to hide the storm.

She probably loves living alone, while wars are drawn on the walls.

They say she lives with love.

They say she has riddles to solve.

She lifts her hands to pray but often, has nothing to say.

 She plays with the rain and hugs its thunder.

They say if you come for help she’d offer her heart on a golden tray.

Whenever she talks, people leave in wonder.

Though she says nothing at all but her silence is always heard.

They say, centuries ago she was just a caged bird.

She cries a lot when she’s asleep, she laughs to angels and saints.

Whenever sins visit her, the skies she paints.

No one understands what she means by flying at night,

They say she searches for death to fight;

They say her scream as she roars between trees is painful to hear

They say when she closes her eyes devils live in fear.

She has lived forever and died the second she was born,

They say God gave her special mourn

It’s the truth she’s always seeking 

Her words hold more than a thousand meaning.

She lives in the castles built from the sands

They say she reads special books with empty pages

They say she has cried for ages

They say her tears are imperceptible but her eyes talk frequently

Her hair has no color, her clothes have no price

She wears the same prayer regularly

They say she gives a new meaning to the word “nice”.

They say she often turns off the lights of her castle to think

And, time and again, her castles often sink

Her soul is always awake and asleep

Her truth repeatedly weeps

They say the sun consoles her when she tries to yield

The stars offer her a flower to decorate her field.

They say she walks on the streets just to walk

They say she talks to herself just to talk

They say she smiles when she cries and says the truth when she lies.

They say she calls for death just to be in her mother’s arms

They say life has no meaning once she’ll see God.

They say her whole charade is a play

She’s the hero and she’s waiting for the heroes to fail

They say she eats hunger and drinks thirst

They say she never sleeps and she always expects the worse.

They say her best friend is an invisible priest

In church is where she celebrates her feasts.

She often looks at the pictures of her wall

They say shadows soothe her when her leaves fall.

They say a lot of things and she never cares

They say loads of words when she passes but she never hears

They say fire tried to kill her but she has nothing to fear

They say sins tried to control her with temptation

But she was stronger than any persuasion.

She was created by an angel that doesn’t exist

People often seek her to ignore her mist

She cries because she has no other way

She tries because time doesn’t tolerate delay

God gave her light to sway

And a lamb to hug, a reason to stay

She has no fee to pay because she overlooks what they say!

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© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 – 2015

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