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هي واقع مزيف انشد طويلا انشودة السلام هي ابيات ضاعت بين الشعر والنثر وانواع الكلام هي جنون عاقل رفض الرضوخ او الاستسلام هي رفات من نور تبعثرها نيران الحقد والاتهام قالوا فلنؤد لها ‘هي’ الف سلام وألف تحية انشروا على قبرها الورود فهي رمز…

Written by “Her”…

They say she took the shadows on her wall as friends. They say she spends sleepless nights waiting for the pain to end. She lies on a cloud and talks alone. She hears angels singing and brings them home. They say she dances on…

Coffee and her

Well I was drinking my coffee when she arrived You can tell that she’s already cried Looking at her eyes, all I saw was a sad emptiness My only thought was “Damn! this is madness!” I didn’t understand the words she was saying But…

Not a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’

Today we celebrate mothers. I am a mother. However,  I do not want to be celebrated; instead, I would to dedicate this day, this holiday to my kids. They tought me how to be responsible, how to fight for my rights (their rights), how…


Encore un jour de tristesse Encore un jour de maladresse Encore un temps perdu Encore un coeur vendu Encore un rêve impossible Une misère disponible! Encore mon score manque de points S’assoire toujours dans le même coin J’ai besoin de quelqu’un pour m’aider Pour…

Rose-Colored Girl

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simple Ula

I want to be rich. Rich in love, rich in health, rich in laughter, rich in adventure and rich in knowledge. You?

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