Sandra Chami Kassis

I Take Life Very Seriously..One Joke At A Time.


11018737_1395408330773009_3122995607414740370_n     You won’t like me much at first.

I’m edgy, sharp and brutally honest.

Oh and I don’t compromise.

Half of my posts will probably offend you and the other half won’t make much sense to you; but by the end of the day we’ll make good friends and you’ll read between the lines (well, my lines at least).

I’m twisted, original, different, a perfectionist and happen to write a book or two to make a difference. (They call that being a writer, apparently).
See? I told you we weren’t different you and I.

Oh, and the human brain fascinates me. So, Let’s get our brains to meet, shall we?


  • BA Journalism
  • MA Electronic Journalism                                            AWARDS:
  • CA Office Management                               Prix des Jeunes ecrivains Francais
                                                                                Prize of Best Poet (English)

Your comments and opinion are welcome.

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