Vegan by principle

Two pigeons were my turning point.

I was with my husband abroad when their company’s driver was giving us a lift to the airport. While opening the car’s trunk to place the luggage; he moves a box aside to get more space for our bags. It was obvious that there was something alive in that box; so I asked and his instant reply was: “oh it’s nothing. This is dinner!”

The voices I heard from that box were torture enough; as if these 2 small pigeons knew that they were going to be slaughtered that night and eaten.

I felt sick and helpless, disgusted, sad and furious…however, I was thankful.

It was that incident, those 5minutes that made me take the decision of going vegan.

Until that day, I never gave a second thought of what’s on my plate. Today, I know that the decision I took is not a fad or based on a 1 minute weakness, it was taken by principle, while I may not be able to save all the animals in the world, I refuse to be the reason why they would suffer for my pleasure. Today, I commit to no-violence, justice for all and an expression of love.

I realized that the steak I cooked; the chicken I barbecued were once a living creature; now everytime I see a meal with meat or similar, I get the same feeling I had when I heard those birds crying for help; I cannot imagine the pain those animals endured.

I stand by my principle, but I don’t make fun of meat eaters or impose my opinion; for I was once one of them and didn’t realize the importance of going vegan.

I feel different, happier, healthier and comfortable in my skin.

This was one of the best choices I have taken.


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