Cheers …not

How do i escape reality? Why does it insist on being unfair to me?

Books can’t hold my thoughts anymore; i read and keep reading and the more I gather ideas, the more my brain keeps asking for more.

Cheers to authors and writers who know how to keep you busy with one book and one idea for a whole lot while. Cheers to you my friend if you have been surviving reality without trying to escape.

You’re better than me. I hate reality; It sucks! I demand having my dreams back.

i keep gazing at the wall closing my eyes slowly, imagining how life would have turned out to be if I shaped my reality differently; what’s with the sacrifices? What’s with “unconditional love”? They raise us based on platonic ideas and then you grow up and hit a wall (wall of bricks ); you tell yourself: “that’s not what my mama told me would happen! that’s not how she drew people’s reactions to my successes and failures!”

“Where did that world go mama?”

You’d say to yourself: next time i’m gonna strike back with an answer; or with something that would give privilege..There goes next time and there goes your privilege.

Well, apparently my mother lied to me (sorry mom); no one wipes my tears, no one sees how hurt I have become and no one helps me pick up my pieces; see, living in a cemetery is hard mother; it’s hard when you’re alive. You can’t breathe, you can’t see, everyone around you is dead and you keep searching for a way out but seem to run in circles.

No one mentioned how cruel people have become, how selfish they can get and how stupid they can be. Ignorance keeps taking over and it makes me sad mother, you said once that education is key; where the hell is the door?



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