How? Why?

How do you explain to someone that you’re hurt?

How do you tell them when they don’t care? When they can’t see you or can’t feel an inch of your broken heart?

How can you wave at a blind man and scream at a deaf girl?

Why is it that when we give someone everything we have; they take us for granted and shows you with cold heart how screwed up you are!

“No I don’t care” they said, “No I don’t give a shit” they explained…and here I am writing to you, someone, anyone hoping to be heard, felt, understood…

The world you built, the principles you stood on once, all gone, all destroyed! And for what? To whom? To anyone who, eventually, will not understand a single word your write or a song you sing, and will keep telling you what an idiot you are, what a shallow emotional being you have become!

Forget principles, forget family, forget love, let’s focus on the money! Let’s not take a break, let’s commit slow suicide by burying ourselves for people we think we know.

Oh What an idiot I’ve been! Screwed up my life for everyone and was thrown out in a dirty alley with no life at all! What’s with the world? Why is it drifting? Why is it so cold? I’m freezing to death but death wouldn’t take me. It keeps whispering that I still have little time left! But a little bit of rest is not a bad idea, why is death so selfish?



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