How I turned from a liar to an honest

It started when I was almost 7.

My parents got divorced (no big deal); but wait, back then; it was a huge deal. Women who got divorced were looked at differently so my grandmother made sure we don’t mention it to friends..

Besides the psychological shock of being abandoned and all the residues you can imagine; a few years forward and here I was; a 15 year old girl who had lots of friends and no truth in her at all. What was I suppose to tell my friends? I don’t know where my dad is? He left us just like that? No! Instead I made a whole different story in my head by imagining a “perfect dad” and bringing him to life through a web of lies.

My father was a doctor working in New York, we visit in the summer and he comes whenever he can (that’s where I got my perfect English from – or not)..of course it didn’t last long before everyone knew I was lying and was stamped with being a “fake” for the rest of high school and you can imagine the rest.

Did it hurt? yes.

Back then, I had no explanation of what I’d done, I lost my friends, my entourage and my good reputation for being real, no one understood why I did what I did; but it was that incident that made me embrace the truth.

I am not defined by my parents like our ancestors taught us; I define myself, it was at that exact moment that i started telling the truth no matter what. I transformed from a person living a complete lie,  an illusion to an honest and direct person who allows herself to dream through books.

Now, 17 years later, I have become sharp, honest, say what I think, don’t compromise when it comes to the truth and give my opinion of anything objectively. Not all people like that side of me but they all respect it.

Don’t I have flaws? Oh so many, but lying isn’t one of them; see, people talk a lot nowadays but they rarely say anything!


Your comments and opinion are welcome.

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