What? Mother

He doesn’t look at me like before mother..

He hasn’t noticed my hair or how i try to look pretty for him..

Mother, I’m not even sure if he sees me..

He doesn’t hold my hand

He wouldn’t hug me, not even once mother ..

He passes quietly by our quarrels like a guest when I desperately need him to speak

He sips his coffee, reads his paper and wouldn’t chat with me like before mother..

He treats me like a shadow while I reach for him screaming with unheard voices

He says he still cares but I highly doubt that mother

What have i done? What have i become? Where has he gone mother?

I pray to fall asleep every night but the bed doesn’t feel comfortable like before

The walls silently suffocate me as i stare at the nothingness around me

It’s probably my destiny mother

To learn to just love myself and write to you mother

He slipped away unlike anything you predicted mother

He doesn’t love me anymore and thinks I’m insane mother

He loves me, loves me not, loves me, not..

What have you done mother?

(Image source:everydayhealth.com)

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