In 2015: I want war.

Is it weird that i want a war?
Is it inhumane?

Before you judge my “insanity” and “affection” towards humanity…just hear me out.

With a new year coming, everyone around seems to be having that “new year resolution” full of new targets, new beginnings, new ideas…they seem to want to forget the past or at least the ugly parts and start a new future, a new path…

Not me!

I want war! But wait, not any kind of wars..i want a “Lord of the rings” kind of war. See, my wish for 2015 is for all those nuclear weapons, guns, missiles etc. to disappear leaving only swords, knives and perhaps a bow..

Wouldn’t you want to be a witness of such a war? It is only then that we would actually discover who is man enough and who isn’t.
Countries seem to be strong now, presidents powerful giving orders from a phone or a tweet (just being ironic), alliances are formed based on certain powers…just bring the knights back and then we’ll see.

Bring principles back, men of honor, men of words, of actions…not men of golf. (U know what i mean)…
The problem with leaders today is that they’re not leaders, they lead troops, sheep, fanatics and idiots.
Leaders of today are boys, empty, shallow and with ambition.
People with political and “materialistic” ambition can be bought; and trust me the price is cheap.

And nowadays, with having ISIS in the picture and a few countries supporting such barbaric movement..what the hell bring war back. No not your wars of hunger and ignorance, not your war of planes and tanks..bring a war of ideas, of art, of culture..bring a “bulletproof” war.
Yes. Bring that war back, I’ll gather the swords, the horses, the knives..just make sure you find men.

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014


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