Coffee and her

Well I was drinking my coffee when she arrived

You can tell that she’s already cried

Looking at her eyes, all I saw was a sad emptiness

My only thought was “Damn! this is madness!”

I didn’t understand the words she was saying

But I knew it had to do with me leaving.

I kept drinking my coffee quietly with no interest

She wasn’t my favourite type, nor the best..

She kept talking while i was running out of coffee

There was nothing to talk about, nothing to see

“I’m weak without you” She said “I’m living in despair

What you did killed me, it was so unfair

You were my last leaf of hope, of joy

You threw me away easily and played me like a toy

I’m at your door now, begging you to love me

Don’t you want me baby? Don’t you want to be free?”

I stood up and looked at her crying in pain

It was ironic to see her trying so hard in vain.

I looked at my cup then looked at her again

All I wanted was a dance under the rain.

Then I suddenly realized that my cup and I were the same

Empty, bitter, careless and a bit insane!

She stood there waiting for an answer, for a reaction

I knew I had to say something that leads to satisfaction

I committed a crime and became the crime

I killed her feelings, thoughts, sold her for a dime

Then, she threw herself on a chair

The misery was too much to bare.

She cried and cried and repeated: “Answer if you dare”

Oh I dared, but did not care

I looked at her and smiled ironically

Through her, I found out whom I had to be..

I smiled again, looked away, looked at her and suddenly

I thought to myself: “Damn! I need another cup of coffee!”

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014


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