Not a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’

Today we celebrate mothers.
I am a mother.
However,  I do not want to be celebrated; instead, I would to dedicate this day, this holiday to my kids.
They tought me how to be responsible, how to fight for my rights (their rights), how to be a better person; they have showed me the art of dragging myself from the bed every single morning; the art of staying up all night and still finding the strength to smile the next day.
They have showed me how I can be loved unconditionally; just because I am who I am.
Being a mother taught me how to cook healthy, how to stay fit, how to be a skilled chauffeur, a wise teacher, a courageous nurse, a funny clown, a good example and an “almost perfect” person.

I have been shown how to give without asking for return, how a simple ‘ I love you mommy’ can transform a shitty day to the best moment ever.
The urge to be perfect in front of my kids, the need to be a better woman everyday, the curiosity to know everything so I wouldnt answer my child with ‘I dont know’ one day; the fact that I think twice before doing or saying anything I might regret…
The idea of being a mother and not only a mommy..

For that and much more I thank you for allowing me to be a mom. Your mom.

© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014



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