Types of people in the Arab World

Here is a list of the types of people you would meet in the Arab World.

The educated

By that i don’t mean those who hold a PHD but those who have enough culture and an open mind to discuss their ideas in a bright and deep way without trying to make you feel inferior and without diminishing your thoughts as if they were wrong and insignificant.

This type of People is unfortunately rare and almost hard to find, the people you meet nowadays wants you to be a reflection of who they are without realizing..You’re not with them: you’re against them.

The Wanna-Bes

I’m talking about those who seem careless to society and those who imitate the western civilizations such as Europe or the States in everything they do. Those who don’t want you to know that they’re Arabs or speak Arabic, you bump into them at malls and shopping centers mostly where you hear them speaking English or French to each other and most of the time you just feel confused whether this is actually English or “Anglizi“.

The fanatics

The worst kind!

They judge you all the time on what you are and what you’re not. Mostly religious fanatics, those who think of you as less inferior if you believed in a “different God” than the one they do. Those are the reason why half of the Arab civilization is still far behind. And the worst of them all is those who claim to be open minded and once the slightest trouble occur, they start throwing accusations based on Gender, race or religion.

The Absent

I’m sure you have met one or two of those. No matter what seems to happen, no matter what is the kind of the disaster spreading around them, you find them almost “in another world”.

World hunger strikes; they pose with a hamburger.

Natural disaster spreads; they share pictures of islands and resorts.

As if they were absent or neutral or even living somewhere else…

“Dante” once said: “Neutral people have a special in hell!”

The Hypocrites

To be honest, those are my favorite, they claim to be smart and intelligent and well informed while in fact they have no idea what they’re talking about. They discuss politics, books, art, etc. and while you listen you ask yourself: “What the hell is he talking about?”

You can’t argue with those, they’re always right and if you happen to be lucky and prove them wrong, they won’t like you and will think of you as arrogant and dumb!

The Man-a Be

Yes I mean those who claim to be “men” ..backwards.

They’re proud of the number of women they sleep with, the cigarettes they smoke and the brands they buy. Some fall into one of those categories and others in all of them.

They think that manhood is only physical and ..well, whatever is under their pants.

I think we all know where those have their brains located..don’t we?

This, in brief is a list of the people you would likely meet in the Arab world. If you know another type or have met another type; make sure you mention it.

© Sandra Chami Kassis – sandrachamikassis.wordpress.com, 2014 


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