Jean Assi: An opinion with a twist

Jean Assi, a 26 year old Lebanese citizen has been sentenced yesterday to 2 months for insulting the president on twitter.

I have read a few of Jean Assi’s tweets, they were a bit provocative and insulting; even though i do support freedom of speech and that anyone can criticize the President, but “trash talking” is not acceptable.

However, spending two months in jail is not going to teach Jean anything (if that’s what they want); Jean will go out full of hatred and anger even more than before.

I wonder though: What about all the provocative speeches on television and the media in general? Why only Jean assi? Twitter is full of hatred and people trash talking each other and politicians…

Our law is so selective that it is actually a sad and a disgusting fact, to think that criminals can leave jail in a “politician’s” car while citizens are jailed for insulting our president!

Respect is mandatory but choosing whom should respect you or not is hypocrisy.

In a time where we’re fighting terrorism, people are dying, our army struggling everyday and fighting for our safety; shouldn’t that be a priority? shouldn’t people who insult our intelligence, dignity and patriotism be jailed first?

I do not support Jean for insulting anyone or using such words which won’t spread but hatred instead he should have given good constructive criticism since he seems to be smart enough to do so..but throwing him in jail is not the answer.

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” Winston Churchill

Below is the tweet why Jean Assi is being jailed for.


© Sandra Chami Kassis –, 2014 

2 thoughts on “Jean Assi: An opinion with a twist

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  1. I think it’s outrageous that he was sentenced for jail because of what he said considering the amount of trash and horrible ways our own Lebanese leaders talk on national TV. While we all have issues with our crumbling government, maybe we should refrain from being so public about them like Jean did.

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