Jackie Chamoun for president

A few days ago, the social media went viral after topless photos of the skier Jackie Chamoun sufaced on the web.

I wanted to exclude myself and my opinion in particular but everyone is so obsessed with Chamoun’s breasts that I thought I should remind our beloved country a few important things.

Kindly note that my personal opinion of the photos leaked and the principles i stand for don’t really matter at the moment; neither do yours.

Half of the Lebanese society was insulted as the other half defended her. We got divided! AGAIN! (What a surprise).

The bombings that take place, the kidnapping every now and then, politicians lying to our faces, insults on the social media between Lebanese just because they don’t agree on a certain matter or because they both belong to different parties…etc. How did that not insult your intelligence in any way?

Female singers (Not gonna name them so they wouldn’t feel important – not that they are); posing half naked and singing about peace holding guns, preaching about virginity without clothes on, didn’t that, my fellow friend insult your intelligence in any way possible?

There are women getting killed beaten up by their husbands; that is not an insult? But Chamoun’s breasts are?

I do understand the fact that some people are conservative and do care about honor and women’s dignity and the fact that she is representing us in the Olympics is an argument that this is not our “culture” and those are not our “habits”, as far as am concerned, posing topless is not one of my favorite topics but whatever she did is her concern alone and a woman’s body does not define who she is and she is certainly not limited to that.

You’re free to give your opinion but do not insult others. People who defended Jackie were met with harsh comments; and people who attacked Jackie were told to shut up!

We just can’t accept others as they are, if they’re not with us, they’re against us.

That is just scary and sad, the fact that we’re not able to have a government so and that our politicians quarrel while we struggle to survive everyday is something we are sadly used to.

Whether you’re with Jackie or not, whether your agree on what she did 3 years ago or not, people are not to be judged, not by you, not by me because we’re all posing naked in a way, out thoughts, our opinion, our insults, our disrespect to others’ points of view…trust me; we’re all posing topless in that matter.

Plus, you should note that Jackie Chamoun did apologize for some reason and she deserves respect for that; our brothers and sisters are dying as martyrs every week for no cause and for nothing; did you hear an apology from any politician you follow?

We all do or did horrible things at a certain time; that doesn’t make us horrible people. Does it?

© Sandra Chami Kassis – sandrachamikassis.wordpress.com, 2014 


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  1. I agree with you, and would like to point out one thing about the on-going struggle between the personal freedom and social/religious restrictions (although this is not directly related to Chamoun’s case). Social rules, especially those related to nudity and sexual freedom, should be similar (not identical, but similar) to both men and women. If being (nearly) topless is wrong, it should be so for both men and women although the woman’s body is more seductive (that’s why I said similar, not identical). Likewise, if sexual relations outside of marriage are wrong, this rule should apply for both men and women. And so on. It is unfair and impractical, to say the least, to favor conservatism when it comes to the woman’s role, while at the same time one is totally liberal for himself.

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